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Terms and Conditions

1.0 Products

We aim to show customers representative samples of all our stones. However, please remember that stone such as granite and marble is a natural product formed over millions of years and is subject to variations in tone, colours and markings. The granite and marble products can also show slight cracks, veins and what you the customer may call imperfections – these are a natural occurrence in the stone therefore you the customer must expect and accept the fore mentioned thus no claims by you the customer can be made relating to this.

2.0 Slab Thickness

All dimensions may vary according to the industry standard cutting tolerances.

3.0 Specifications

Dimensions given by you the customer or taken by our representatives are approximate only and may be subject to a degree of inaccuracy until templates of work surfaces are taken and checked for actual dimensions.

4.0 Prices

Prices may be subject to change without notice. All our prices are shown or listed exclusive of VAT. VAT at present rate will need to be added to our prices.

5.0 Payment Terms

A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the invoice will be required on the day of placing an order or on the day of templating. On these two occasions, Unique Marble Ltd will accept cash payment, bank transfer or a debit card payment. Credit cards are acceptable but an extra charge of 3% is incurred due to bank charges for using this method of payment.
Important: Final payment is required on day of installation. When the worktops have been installed and the fitters have finished and are about to clear their tools a representative of Unique Marble Ltd will call you, the customer or your representative for the remainder of the balance which equates to 50% of the invoice total. This payment can only be accepted in the form of cash, bank transfer, debit card, credit card 3% extra .
Please note: We do not accept personal cheques on Final payment.
If you are collecting from our factory premises we will require full payment on placing order.

6.0 Ownership

All goods remain the property of Unique Marble Ltd until full and final payment has been acknowledged.

7.0 Placing of Orders

Please measure carefully. If on the day of templating there is a discrepancy with the measurements, we will notify the customer and advise price accordingly before production commences.
Natural stone products are subject to batch variation and we cannot agree that subsequent orders will match the sample originally seen by the customer nor can we be responsible for products that are surplus to requirements.

8.0 Lead – Time

We make every effort to install your worktops from 7 to 10 working days from the day of templating date excluding weekends.
We like to offer our clients choice and quality and this sometimes means that materials take a while to the source. Please enquire about the current lead–time for the material you are interested in before placing your order. We would not want to disappoint you by failing to meet your work schedule. We will endeavour to fulfil our agreed commitments to all our clients, however, we are unable to accept any liability from any loss whatsoever due to delay in delivering/installing our product.
A morning or afternoon delivery/installation can be requested as long as we can accommodate this for you. Morning is delivery/installation anytime between 9.00 am and 12.00 am and afternoon is delivery any time between 12.01 pm and 5.00 pm. This also applies to templates.

9.0 Installation of Worktops

In order to ensure a problem-free installation please note the following points:
• ​If any over the mounted sink or any tap has been re-connected following templating, they must be disconnected again the day prior to installation taking place.
• Tiling in areas around worktops must take place after installing worktops
• In the event of any plasterwork etc being disturbed during fixing, all making good and subsequent costs are the responsibility of the client.
• Please be aware that we do not have the tools or skills to undertake gas, electrical, plastering or plumbing work whilst installing neither our insurance will cover any of these jobs.
• Where jointing of materials is necessary it will not always be possible to secure an exact match between the jointing material and the granite or composite. Please note that jointing lines are therefore likely to be visible, particularly on lighter coloured materials.
• All works have a + / – 5-millimetre tolerance.
• Transport and installation by a third party (customer or their agent) are at the customer’s own risk and responsibility.
• For health and safety and insurance reasons, it is vitally important our fitters are allowed to work on their own in the installation/working area until they have finished their work. No third party, customer or tradesman should be present in the same room or area.

​N.B: Whilst we take every care to minimise the disruption during installation, the process will create some dust.
We ask our clients to ensure that as practicable, doors to other parts of the house are kept closed, and to remove items of value in the installation area which may be adversely affected, e.g. televisions or ornaments etc.

10.0 Template and Installation

We offer a local and nationwide service. Standard fees are for a 40-mile radius of our factory location in Edmonton. If the delivery address exceeds the 40-mile radius the cost will increase.
The customer will be responsible for congestion payment and parking payments and these costs will be added to the outstanding balance if this is applicable.
On the day of templating it is essential the customer or the customer’s representative is present to discuss and confirm the templates and requirements for their kitchen worktops, such as which side drainer grooves are positioned, the location of the tap, the overhang on the sink cut out, the height of upstands, where the joints will be between one worktop and another, the front overhang of the worktop from the carcass, side overhangs, any curves, etc…. Once the templater has gone through with the customer the requirements, the customer will be shown a sample of the material they have chosen. The customer will then sign a template form that states that they agree with all the requirements discussed and the sample the templater showed the customer. If the templater finds the units are not level or support is required the templater will make a note of this on the template form and it will then be the customer’s responsibility to put this matter right before the installation date. The templater will then give a copy of the template form to the customer and we will keep the original.
In order to avoid problems with delivery and installation, we need to be advised of parking/access conditions at the delivery address and will ask you to provide details before confirming costs. We are unable to accept responsibility for lost working time in the unlikely event of an order being incorrect, delayed or postponed. Further charges would be incurred by the customer to compensate for this.
It will be the customer’s responsibility to make our templater and installers aware of parking/access restrictions or to provide them with adequate parking permits for up to 5 hours.

11.0 Sign Off

Once worktops have been installed it is essential the customer or customer’s representative is available to inspect the material and workmanship. The customer will be given by the fitter a Service and Material Satisfaction form to fill in. The customer will receive a copy and we will keep the original. Once the form has been signed, and the customer is satisfied with the workmanship and material a 50% balance will be collected by Unique Marble Ltd. (see payment terms). You will appreciate that after our installers leave your premises it is impossible for us to verify any subsequent claim for damage to the material or their surroundings. This being the case, should no-one be available to sign off the acceptance form and attach any comments associated with any problems, the client must accept that we are no longer liable.

12.0 Damages

If in the unlikely event the customer is not satisfied with the workmanship, material or product on the day of delivery or installation this must be reported immediately by the customer on the Service and Satisfaction form. The customer will then need to contact Unique Marble Ltd within 24 hours regarding this matter so we can rectify the problem.

13.0 Dimensions and Requirements

These are provided in good faith by the customer/representative. Please ensure they are correct as Unique Marble Ltd cannot be held responsible at a later date for inaccuracies relating to the quote based on these dimensions and requirements.

14.0 Fixings

Whilst we are happy to offer advice, we are unable to accept responsibility for problems arising from the incorrect fixing of products by a third party, shortages or products that are surplus to requirement.

15.0 Aborted Visits

Please note that should condition be such that we are unable to complete templating or fitting in one visit there will be a charge of £150.00 or £75.00 an hour, whichever is greater.

16.0 General

All work carried out by us is in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the Stone Federation of Great Britain’s Code of Practice for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of natural stone or composite kitchen worktops.
The placing of an order shall be deemed as full acceptance of these terms and conditions. The customer’s terms and conditions shall not be incorporated into any contract with Unique Marble Ltd, and in any event, Unique Marble Ltd conditions shall prevail over all the customer’s terms and conditions.
Please be advised that standing on the finished worktops is not recommended and we can take no responsibility for problems arising as a result.
Once the worktops have been installed, if any form of maintenance or decorating is being done in the same room the worktops must be protected with a covering such as thick sheets, blankets or cardboard.

17.0 Quotation

Price is valid for one calendar month from the date of issue.

18.0 Guarantee

From the date of installation, the customer will be granted a twelve-month installation and a product manufacturer’s guarantee. Once the goods have been installed and the customer is satisfied with the look and the installation of the product nothing detrimental will occur unless the product has been mistreated or has been wrongly looked after by the customer or third party. The customer must follow the care and maintenance guidelines provided by us on our website to help maintain the natural ageing of the product we have installed.