How to maintain marble

How to maintain marble

Stylish, adaptable and resilient as it is, marble is like any other surface that needs conditioning, so marble cleaning, care and maintenance is important to extend its life. For those of you asking how I can clean marble kitchen worktops, maintaining marble is actually fairly easy. Because it is porous, marble needs particular care. Spilling food products, oil may stain your marble worktop. Marble is also susceptible to citrus juices, vinegar, as well as household cleaning chemicals, all of which can damage its surface. You should be aware of the products you use on your marble, if you want to save restoration costs in the long run.

Taking just a few precautions with your marble can help to reduce common problems within:

  • Placing rugs or mats by doorways and high traffic areas can help to remove dirt and small stones from shoes.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible as marble can stain easily.
  • Cleaning daily helps to keep your marble as nice as possible.
  • Vacuum cleaners can scratch your marble – avoid using them.
  • Change mopping water frequently during cleaning your marble.
  • Always rinse using clean, warm water on your marble.
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How to maintain dekton countertop?

Due to its practically zero porosity, the ultra-compact Dekton surface is highly resistant to staining in day-to-day use and from chemical products, making it ideal for use as a kitchen worktop and as a surface for other kinds of work, both inside and out. For general cleaning of your Dekton surface, we recommend the use of Q-Action with a sponge or scouring pad. If this product is not available, the best option is to use a neutral soap and water.

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