How to maintain granite

How to maintain granite

Granular-like structure made of hard, crystalline minerals, granite is not your everyday kitchen worktop, so it needs particular care. In order to clean granite countertops, use soap or liquid dishwashing soap. Do not use ammonia based products (such as Windex), bleach, vinegar, or steel wool pads on your granite.

Do I need to seal my granite worktop?

Yes. You should reseal your granite annually with a natural stone sealer.Granite is very low maintenance, once to twice a year it will require sealing. This is a very simple and inexpensive process. Most fabricators will have sealed the worktops once prior to install or upon completing the installation. You should verify with your installers that this has been done.

If you have any other questions about granite worktops visit They have a great ask for an expert form and a discussion board where you can post your granite questions.

Granite Slab Heavy Duty Stone Cleaning

When stone has been neglected, it will need a heavy-duty stone cleaner and de-greaser to effectively remove dirt, grease, grime, and waxes. These cleaning products are concentrated and designed to deeply clean your granite worktop without damaging it. Heavy duty cleaning your granite should be best left to professionals, so we recommend consulting one prior to applying any products.

Stain Removal for Granite

Check with your fabricator for the best method of removing any stain on your granite that does not clean up with liquid dish soap and water.

How To Restore Granite

Granite is the hardest and densest stone available. It is so tough that buffering pads embedded with diamond dust must be used to achieve a polished look. Although some re-polishing can be done in the field, it can never fully restore its original appearance.

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How to maintain dekton countertop?

Due to its practically zero porosity, the ultra-compact Dekton surface is highly resistant to staining in day-to-day use and from chemical products, making it ideal for use as a kitchen worktop and as a surface for other kinds of work, both inside and out. For general cleaning of your Dekton surface, we recommend the use of Q-Action with a sponge or scouring pad. If this product is not available, the best option is to use a neutral soap and water.

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